Dotfile Organization

As vim, tmux, zsh and git user you have some preferences for the tools you are using. But if you have a set of environment you are working, e.g. a server running Linux, a MacBook at home running with OSX and a Windows machine at work with cygwin you have a slightly different set of configs. But the ...

dotfiles git shell vim zsh

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vim - ToggleLineNumber

I really like my new loved jiffy vimscript function. In combination with a <Leader>n mapping. function! ToggleLineNumber() if &relativenumber set nonumber set norelativenumber elseif &number set relativenumber else set number endif endfunction ...

neovim nvim vim vimscript

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I'm dealing with AUTOSAR at work and that's not always an easy thing. You have several layers of abstraction and you have a whole lot of xml stuff to look through. Some may prefer graphical tools which allow xml browsing, but switching to another editor and back costs a lot of time. So I use vim for...

code github vim

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Started with vim

I knew about vim since the time I installed my first server. That was a long time ago. And in the meantime I used it only when I was forced to. I started using git as a SCM and using the command line you will get in touch with vim every time you commit something. But the main reason I kept my envir...


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This is my new blog. It may contain interesting thins, or not. The articles may cover some of the following topics: parenting, coding, vim, infrastructure, public transport troubles, gadgets, recipes, ...

Who I am

I am a software developer, housband and father who likes to learn new stuff. I like food, cooking, gadgets. I love my daughter and my wife. I live and work in Munich. And I really love that city.


Social Networks

Well a few weeks ago I decided to quit nearly all the social networks. They produce a lot of white-bread information I do not take care of. But somehow you read your "streams" multiple times a day so you don't miss the one of a thousand news you are interested in. That's the reason I quit.

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