I had to change my mail provider. Some years ago I have had an own mail server running. But with more mobile devices I looked for a solution working easily on all devices and more and more relevant: including calendar and tasks. I got an offer to switch to Exchange, very cheap, so I did. It worked well, but I always felt a bit helpless. Giving up the full control ... that was rather hard for me.

Take back control

Two month ago I deciced to switch back to my own server and host my own service and take back full control. I decided to use zarafa. I looked at it some years ago and it seems to fullfill my requirements at no cost. The setup was very easy, especially using the howto from Jay Harris. Worked great for me, thanks.


I tried to connect my Mac using the Exchange Web Services which are offered as alpha version. It works for calendar, tasks and the contacts but with Mail of Yosemite it has some problems. So I use IMAP for mails until the bug is fixed. There is a python language binding which offers an interface to extend zarafa at some points. Examples given at github.com. I also added a script to add tags/categories based on the recipient extensions. Like gmail postfix supports additional elements in the receiver. You can configure only one mail address user@example.com but you can use unlimited mail addresses like user-something@example.com. The character to split the user from the additional information can be configured in postfix main.cf recipient-delimitier. I think there are simliar parameters in other mailsystems, too.

The samples for the python interface also offers the possiblity to learn spam from the users junk folder. I added some code to learn ham, too. See the link above.

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Well a few weeks ago I decided to quit nearly all the social networks. They produce a lot of white-bread information I do not take care of. But somehow you read your "streams" multiple times a day so you don't miss the one of a thousand news you are interested in. That's the reason I quit.

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