I've written recently about WORKFLOW an app for iOS which allows to create workflows using multiple graphical actions to make your life easier (or more complicated....). I've also noticed I started a project on versioning these workflows.

What It Has Become

It was growing for a week, here an idea, there something interesting, hmmm, some code cleanup, making it more object oriented, some cleanup, features, a little bit of webdesign. But that's it. I have learned a lot of new things, picked up some old things I already forgot.

The idea came while installing a selhosted followupthen because I've seen a workflow using this kind of service. I like to have things under control and to be able to react fast on changes I need so a free public service is nothing I like to rely on. I found a implementaion on github for exactly what I wanted to have. Ok not really exactly but a good starting point even if it is marked as deprecated. And it was all PHP. I did a lot of PHP years ago but it is like riding a bicycle: you'll never forget how to. So I dived into, changed some things, expanded it to understand German and so on.

On the other Hand I started using workflow and played arround with my iPad and iPhone and share workflows between them. I have overwritten some work, accidentally. DAMMIT. So I implemented my own Version Control System. First simple text mails as response, as less as possible but after a while I decided to make it more usefull. I read on reddit of some similar project and that was the spark to ignite the fire.


My PHP time was before composer. I heard of it and the last times I did some really mini projects, I decided to ignore composer, or follow the dummy howtos that explained installing a github project. But now I needed more. First I needed Twig. A really good piece of code I got in touch when setting up this blog. It was new, but it feels very smooth and worked as expected. I needed a MIME mail parser, too. And a logging would be quite usefull. So I started to dig into composer. And what else to say: WOW. Really cool. Not only using it, but also providing packages is so simple, wonderfull.

PHP Framework for Webpages

The next thing came up in my mind. I should provide a website which allows searching for workflows. I found Slim PHP Framework quite good for me. It offered everything I expected and had a documentation that worked well for me. My new favourite framework for php based websites. I needed to decode the workflows which are binary plists. HEY, there is a PHP class for that and of course it supports composer. Great, I did the right choice.


Additinally I a little bit deeper into bootstrap, not that much but hey, I don't like building GUIs. But bootstrap makes webguis real nice, fast and easy.

Database & PHP

In former times.... I did PHP and Mysql using the mysql_* functions. But now I really needed to deal with PDO. It was not that complicated, but something I've learned.


The website was up, the database works and now I need some data. I had a few workflows on my deviced but it was not a real starting base at all. So why not use the two best support communities for workflow at the moment? So I wrote crawler for workflows for both, twitter and reddit. Once again cool experience when you see: It works!

That's it for now.

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