During the hollidays I picked up some new app for my iPad: WORKFLOWS. It is a great tool to create graphical scripts for automation of common tasks such as sending a message at which time you will get to a certain place, sending personalized greetings for new years eve just by selecting the contact or, even better and very unproductive, get the hottest cat pictures posted on reddit.

I created some workflows and played arround. But the app lacks of syncing at the moment and so I looked for a simple way to share my workflows. You can share them by sending a link or the file. But this lacks of some information. You do not know what the current workflow is and worse if you import a workflow with the same name, it will be silently overwritten. So I was looking for something else.

A Version Control System

In my daily life I version all my code, so why not do the same thing with workflows created? I implemented some stuff, registered a new domain and there it is. everyone can simply register by sending an email to register@workflow-vcs.de and then you have the possibility to share your workflows with a custom mail address like 13abcf45h@workflow-vcs.de. As long as you keep the name, every share will count up the version. You can request the latest versions either by RSS like http://rss.workflow-vcs.de//latest or by sending an email with the subject Workflows to your assigned mail address.

Public Gallery

I'm currently playin around with creating a public gallery including a search function. This is still under development, but as registered user you can share your workflow by mail to public@workflow-vcs.de. There is an rss feed where all the public workflows will be listet. It is located at http://rss.workflow-vcs.de/public/latest.


If you have suggestions, please contact me by mail, or via reddit.com.

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