Reading RSS feeds is what I'm doing while commuting. I'm using public transport every day and the mobile network quality of service is poor. Especially when using O2 during the rush-hour. I like to have the ability to read my feeds offline and keep control of them. A good RSS service for a private server or NAS is tt-rss. The only problem I had for quite a while was that there is no mobile client which supports offline reading and a beautiful interface.

My setup

tt-rss is installen on my synology at home. I have installed the fever-api and on my iPhone I use Reeder as client. Offline reading, image caching, well that's fine.


A lot of online news sites do not offer the full content of the article in their RSS feed. This is terrible when loading a site takes you 2 minutes if successfull at all. Plugins are the solution in tt-rss. One that is very popular and worked well for me is af_feedmod. It grabs the fulltext from the original article page using xpath. Works great for most sides but not if the site does not take care of correct HTML. So I implemented some extra features to split up the page using text elements rather than xpath expressions. The next point is, that some sites using RSS proxy services such as feedburner. So you have to modify the URL before fetching the article. So I implemented this one, too. Know I get what I want: The full article, offline available on my iPhone. But I also get some elements, like links to other pages, images, script elements and so on. Again back to the code I implemented a cleanup functionality that remove content based on xpath. Wow, works great. At least for a while I was pretty happy. But after a while I have some feeds, where the full article is split into several pages and again it is not possible to fetch the article in the subway. One more time I have to implement something that allows me to fetch all of the pages and combine it.


So finally the result is here: feediron

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This is my new blog. It may contain interesting thins, or not. The articles may cover some of the following topics: parenting, coding, vim, infrastructure, public transport troubles, gadgets, recipes, ...

Who I am

I am a software developer, housband and father who likes to learn new stuff. I like food, cooking, gadgets. I love my daughter and my wife. I live and work in Munich. And I really love that city.


Social Networks

Well a few weeks ago I decided to quit nearly all the social networks. They produce a lot of white-bread information I do not take care of. But somehow you read your "streams" multiple times a day so you don't miss the one of a thousand news you are interested in. That's the reason I quit.

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