My first TEDx

I'm a fan of getting inspired, see inspiring people and learning something new. I really love TED talks a lot. So I decided to participate the TEDxMünchen this year. It was more a panic reaction to really buy the expensive ticket, but I did it and got there finally.


I love talks where the passion of the speaker directly transfers to the audience. What I don't like is advertisement talks. And yes I think there was at least one. The refugee topic was present in a lot of talks, the projects were nice, but in most of the talks you could not feel the excitement of the speaker as I like it.

I really liked the talk or should I say performance of Bob Carey in his tutu. And also found the final talk from Ralf Belusa good.

Impressive talk of David Kilgour and David Matas about organ harvesting in China. Didn't know that!

What I hated the most

The TEDxMünchen website. Horrible. Information appeared and disappeared randomly. Sometimes you could see the event, sometimes not... Come on guys, where in 2015. TED is about inspiration and information, so spread information about the time one can enter the room. Not that hard either.

No pre-printed badges. I'd really like to see that.

Visiting a TEDx and being shown recorded TED talks I've seen before isn't what I expected, really not.


I enjoyed being part of TEDx, but I think I don't join to often, because it is to expensive. I learnt most of the participants get their tickets from their company or something like that. I bought It myself and I think it was much too expensive to share the event with a lot of people, especially young people.

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