Working in an environment where you have different web applications which need a specific browser you cannot click on any link you find in your mails from different systems. You always have to copy the link and then choose the matching browser. That's somewhat awful and it can be automated

After looking through the web I haven't found a tool matching my needs. So I started to implement it myself.

What it does

It replaces your default webbrowser and can be configured using an ini file. I don't like configuration GUIs and I don't like to design some, too. You can configure as many browsers as you need. You then specify patterns (start of the url) and the browser which is responsible for the pattern. And now if you click on the link, you get the right browser automatically.

The hard way to be a default browser

It is only tested on Windows 7 and it was a hard way to be accepted and selectable as default browser. There are several entries one must made in the registry. And there is no page in where it is explained how exactly these things work together. If you are interested open the setup project and have a look.

Where to get it

The code is available at
The Installer is also on github here

C# code github

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