I'm dealing with AUTOSAR at work and that's not always an easy thing. You have several layers of abstraction and you have a whole lot of xml stuff to look through. Some may prefer graphical tools which allow xml browsing, but switching to another editor and back costs a lot of time. So I use vim for ARXML (which means AUTOSAR XML) browsing and editing.

ARXML Concept

A conecpt in ARXML is that some elements have a so called SHORT-NAME, and this is defined to be unique in the current level. These shortnames are used for referencing. There are some more concepts but that's the one I actualy care about.


So if you see a reference and looking for the content of the referenced element you have to navigate through the document looking for the element. This is nothing I like to do and it can be automated. I've seen the XPath plugin for vim and a better folding for arxml on github and made something which helps to navigate within a ARXML document.

Where to get it

The code is available at github.com/m42e/BrowSel

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