My first TEDx I'm a fan of getting inspired, see inspiring people and learning something new. I really love TED talks a lot. So I decided to participate the TEDxMünchen this year. It was more a panic reaction to really buy the expensive ticket, but I did it and got there finally. Impressions I lo...

Munich München TED TEDx Talks

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oh-my-zsh or antigen? No, I use zgen.

Switching to zgen As I already told you, I'm forced to use windows. With Cygwin and some extra work you get a usable shell. I ran antigen as manager for zsh plugins for a while, but I had a huge problem on the cygwin installation. It took very long if I start a new shell. Horribly long. Almost 7 se...

antigen dotfiles shell zgen zsh

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Shell REST store

why Recently I had to transfer a link containing two SHA1 hashes from one pc to another. I neither knew what e mail address is available, nor wanted to open the mail application. I din't want to enter my webmail password. So I copied the link via ssh to my server in a simple txt file and accessed i...

REST Respect/Rest php script zsh

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zsh alias with parameter -> function

This is just a tiny note for me or anybody else who needs a hint into the right direction. I looked for a way to add a parameter to my alias and I got stuck. A few days later I found a simple solution, use a function instead of an alias. alias ar =git add remote gitserver:private/ Won't work, bec...

alias function unix zsh

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ZSH History

zsh I've used zsh for quite a while, and switched from oh-my-zsh to antigen a few months ago. It works fine for me even if the startup performance is a bit bad in my cygwin/windows work environment... history I used zsh with its share history feature. It is a nice feature but sometimes it is very...

zsh script

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Dotfile Organization

As vim, tmux, zsh and git user you have some preferences for the tools you are using. But if you have a set of environment you are working, e.g. a server running Linux, a MacBook at home running with OSX and a Windows machine at work with cygwin you have a slightly different set of configs. But the ...

dotfiles git shell vim zsh

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I recently found Pythonista in the AppStore. This was my kick off for me to start coding in Python. The app is really great, you can really quickly do some things. Well, not as fast as using vim, but coding on iPad is fun anyway. My First Project I tried some thing like make the memory greater, d...

code develop iPad iPhone python

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vim - ToggleLineNumber

I really like my new loved jiffy vimscript function. In combination with a <Leader>n mapping. function! ToggleLineNumber() if &relativenumber set nonumber set norelativenumber elseif &number set relativenumber else set number endif endfunction ...

neovim nvim vim vimscript

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I've written recently about WORKFLOW an app for iOS which allows to create workflows using multiple graphical actions to make your life easier (or more complicated....). I've also noticed I started a project on versioning these workflows. What It Has Become It was growing for a week, here an idea,...

apps composer ios php project script workflow

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During the hollidays I picked up some new app for my iPad: WORKFLOWS. It is a great tool to create graphical scripts for automation of common tasks such as sending a message at which time you will get to a certain place, sending personalized greetings for new years eve just by selecting the contact ...

apps ios project script workflow

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tt-rss deamon

This is the smallest init script for the tt-rss update deamon I've found. It works well under Debian and should work under Ubuntu. You can save it in /etc/init.d/tt-rss and make it executable using chmod +x /etc/init.d/tt-rss. To let it automatically start (and stop) install it in the rc.d using up...

code debian rss tt-rss unix

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I recently heard about Betabook and I like the project. This is the first german project on kickstarter I contributet to. I often need a piece of paper to explain things, make them more clear or think of something. Drawing often helps to get it structured. But all of my drawings have a lot of cross...

berlin cool gadgets kickstarter stuff

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Zarafa Groupware

I had to change my mail provider. Some years ago I have had an own mail server running. But with more mobile devices I looked for a solution working easily on all devices and more and more relevant: including calendar and tasks. I got an offer to switch to Exchange, very cheap, so I did. It worked w...

groupware mail zarafa

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tt-rss Safari Extension

As I wrote before I use tt-rss. I had a bookmark to subscribe to the actual site but it stopped working in Safari under Yosemite. So I was looking for an alternative, but there was none available. Maybe there actually is one but I havent found it. Solution I made a Safari extension that allows you...

extension extension safari tt-rss

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Reading RSS feeds is what I'm doing while commuting. I'm using public transport every day and the mobile network quality of service is poor. Especially when using O2 during the rush-hour. I like to have the ability to read my feeds offline and keep control of them. A good RSS service for a private s...

code github php rss tt-rss

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I'm dealing with AUTOSAR at work and that's not always an easy thing. You have several layers of abstraction and you have a whole lot of xml stuff to look through. Some may prefer graphical tools which allow xml browsing, but switching to another editor and back costs a lot of time. So I use vim for...

code github vim

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BrowSel - BrowserSelector

Working in an environment where you have different web applications which need a specific browser you cannot click on any link you find in your mails from different systems. You always have to copy the link and then choose the matching browser. That's somewhat awful and it can be automated After lo...

C# code github

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Started with vim

I knew about vim since the time I installed my first server. That was a long time ago. And in the meantime I used it only when I was forced to. I started using git as a SCM and using the command line you will get in touch with vim every time you commit something. But the main reason I kept my envir...


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This is my new blog. It may contain interesting thins, or not. The articles may cover some of the following topics: parenting, coding, vim, infrastructure, public transport troubles, gadgets, recipes, ...

Who I am

I am a software developer, husband and father who likes to learn new stuff. I like food, cooking, gadgets. I love my daughter and my wife. I live and work in Munich. And I really love that city.



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Well a few weeks ago I decided to quit nearly all the social networks. They produce a lot of white-bread information I do not take care of. But somehow you read your "streams" multiple times a day so you don't miss the one of a thousand news you are interested in. That's the reason I quit.

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